Senegal schools show how including children with d...
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Senegal has more than 700,000 blind and visually impaired people, including thousands of school-aged children. Before the pilot, education for children with visual impairment and other disabilities was entirely segregated, and with only one state special-needs school in operation, most children in n...

The world we want: an end to child marriage | www....
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"We are Girls, Not Brides": the first-ever anthem...
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Published on YouTube on June 15, 2016 by Girls Not Brides In February 2016, the Girls Not Brides team headed out to Zambia to film “We are Girls, Not Brides”, a two-minute music video about ending child marriage.

'Ten'- documentary about child prisoners in Africa
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A new documentary about the extreme deprivation and disturbing conditions faced daily by child prisoners in Africa, often not much older than ten years. This documentary is produced by the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) and Miranfilms in collaboration with ICS and Defence for Children (DCI).

A24Media | Seventh International Policy Conference...
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Published on Youtube on October 31 2016 by A24Media Mr Salim Amin from Africa 24 is joining us on our Seventh International Policy Conference on the African Child (IPC). Help promote the campaign to end crimes and extreme violence against children in Africa.

Albino Africa | RTД
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In Tanzania, the number of people born with a total absence of the skin pigment melanin is 8 times higher than the global average. To date, there is no definitive scientific explanation for this anomaly.In the Tanzanian countryside, albinos are the subject of a wide range of superstitions. Many beli...
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